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Travel leads to travel

After being back in the United States for almost half a year, we jumped at the opportunity for almost free flights to Europe and a chance to visit good friends. Two stops for me, Mallorca and Berlin, and three stops … Continue reading

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Sorry that this is a bit after the fact, but it just shows that there is lots to do around here even without a job. After 13 months and 13 days away from home, we returned to SFO international airport … Continue reading

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Alone in Asu

First of all thank you for all of the nice words for Haley. Thanks to you she’s healed and strong and ready to meet me in Tokyo tonight.  If you do ever fall victim to the nasty Dengue, drink lots … Continue reading

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Dengue in Paradise

I’m still in Asu. Haley left yesterday and should be in Singapore now on her way away from me for an 18 day interlude before we meet up again in Tokyo. After Haley wrote the last post, things went very … Continue reading

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Not bored in Borneo

It’s too hot. We are currently sitting in a hotel in Kota Kinabalu and it’s too hot. Yesterday it was my birthday; I hung one more year on the line. I’m not depressed and my life’s not a mess and … Continue reading

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