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Almost home…

Don’t worry folks.  Famous guest blogger Kumiko is still coming.  She’s such a big shot that she had to dash across the world and back for work and so her blog-writing time got usurped.  I’ll fill you in on our … Continue reading

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Lost in (an Almost Complete Lack of) Translation

First of all, I am back with my best husband in the universe and that is extremely awesome.   Don’t plan on pulling that ridiculousness again anytime soon.  Second, we are living it up with our amazing friend Kumiko at her … Continue reading

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Famous in Bukittinggi

Last time we posted a blog we were at Jakarta airport. It was just before we decided that it was not worth it to go into the city and try to find a hotel in the middle of the night … Continue reading

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Derawan Shmerawan?

When we got here… we were really disappointed.  Can’t say we didn’t warn you about how spoiled we are.  We weren’t kidding.  The disappointment lasted about 24 hours – we even considered just doing a day of diving and then … Continue reading

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Gabe + Haley: Malaysia (with a minor interlude in Singapore) Installation & Happy Birthday Marci-Girl

Ok so we are more than a little bit behind on blogging.  It’s just that we were really busy swimming in waterfalls, hiking canyons, taking Thai cooking classes, relaxing, and watching the daily rainbows from our deck in Pai.  And … Continue reading

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