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Travel leads to travel

After being back in the United States for almost half a year, we jumped at the opportunity for almost free flights to Europe and a chance to visit good friends. Two stops for me, Mallorca and Berlin, and three stops … Continue reading

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Sorry that this is a bit after the fact, but it just shows that there is lots to do around here even without a job. After 13 months and 13 days away from home, we returned to SFO international airport … Continue reading

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Shibuya Madness

Haley & Gabe did good their first week in Japan, getting out on their own and experiencing a lot of different things.  The pressure was on for our last night together to come up with something they hadn’t done and … Continue reading

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Same Same but Different

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and I am writing this blog from my temporary but comfortable apartment in Tokyo, about a week after Haley and Gabe left Tokyo/Japan/Asia to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. What is wrong with this picture? … Continue reading

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Almost home…

Don’t worry folks.  Famous guest blogger Kumiko is still coming.  She’s such a big shot that she had to dash across the world and back for work and so her blog-writing time got usurped.  I’ll fill you in on our … Continue reading

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