Sorry that this is a bit after the fact, but it just shows that there is lots to do around here even without a job.

After 13 months and 13 days away from home, we returned to SFO international airport on November 18th. One of the things we most looked forward to towards the end of our travels was coming home to see our friends and family that we missed while we were gone. Lucky for us we weren’t coming home to jobs or much responsibility of any kind so it wasn’t too hard to make reunions happen upon our return.

Even before we made it to California we planned a 22 hour lay-over in Seattle to see our good friend Rob in his town. Rob showed us Seattle from a local’s perspective starting with another thing that was hard to come by outside of the US – a big tasty breakfast- smoked salmon eggs Benedict with organic salad. In Argentina good luck getting more than toast with jam for breakfast. In Asia, how does chicken noodle soup sound? If we get one thing right in the states, breakfast might be it. We had a good time with Rob even if we were only half-awake most of the time. After that, it was back to good old 366 (where I grew up in Tam Valley, CA).


hot breakfast on a cold morning with a good friend

It was a little strange to be back, mostly because nothing had changed. Everything and everyone looked just the way we had left them, almost like we had never left. Other than that weird sensation, it was great to be back seeing all of the people we had missed. Brunches, dinners, hikes, baby meeting, road trips, birthdays, holidays and a big homecoming party have filled up our time at home. It’s been spectacular. Here are lots of pictures from our time home:

P1000011 P1000067



bolinas ridge with a baby


fasih flying at sunset on sarah’s birthday knoll


ken showing one of his parenting techniques

P1000117  P1000133 P1000155 P1000245 P1000315 P1000383 P1040237 P1040290 P1000421 P1000423 P1000430 P1000458 P1000512 P1000519 P1000525 P1000540 P1000552 P1000573 P1000583 P1000593 P1000602 P1000624 P1000691P1000649 P1000674  P1000730P1000717  P1000759 P1000773P1000760

Also, we wanted to say thank you to everyone for following us around on our big trip. It was fun to have a place to share our experiences with our good friends. We’ll probably continue to write in here from time to time, but of course feel free to unsubscribe or never look again as it may not be so interesting when it’s Lake Tahoe instead of Sangalaki or Muang Ngoi. And please please please please feel free to contact us with questions when you get ready for your big adventure.


Some numbers from our trip:

days away from home: 414

babies born by close friends while we were gone: 8

countries: 13

beds slept in: 96 + 5 plane nights + 9 bus nights + 6 train nights + 1 night on the ground in the Jakarta Airport parking lot

plane rides: 25

train rides (not including subway-type trains):  10

boat rides: 63

bus rides: more than 300

islands: 22

most consecutive days with no internet: 23

hospital visits: 3 (2 for Haley 1 for Gabe)

consecutive days with no more than 3 hours apart from each other during any given day: 301

post cards sent: 5

cheapest room: $3.25 (Muang Ngoi, Laos)

blog posts: 63 (including this one)

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5 Responses to Home

  1. bobcohn366 says:

    Congratulations on an amazing adventure – welcome home!

  2. Dante says:

    Welcome home kids!

  3. kumeeks says:

    i read this with mixed emotions – because I so wish I was back in SF to welcome you guys back home, and because selfishly, I am missing your travel entries already. Glad to see that you’ve been settling back in – post more pics of the beautiful bay area for me! xoxo

  4. Paula says:

    Hello!!! Congratulations on the trip!!!!!! …. It´s a very nice feeling coming home… Home Sweet Home!!!
    Regards from Paula, Diego, Lidia, Carmen and Pilo (from Mataderos, Bs As, Argentina)

  5. gabe says:

    Thanks everyone for all the nice things you said. You guys are the best

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