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  1. roywcohn says:

    G+H, Hello! I love your blog. Love, Roy

  2. benjiart says:

    WOW im just a little jealous…
    nice talking to you today

  3. guapalo says:

    Wahooo – love the smiles, beauty, water, and everything. love to y’all and mike. we’re off to celebrate jo’s 60th. keep up the good “work”

  4. kumeeks says:

    these photos are amazeballs – love all of them!! can’t wait to see the next Nicaragua set!

  5. 2sandyfeet says:

    sweet photos! Hey what was that thing hanging in the tree with the white pods on it?

  6. FTM3rd says:

    Haley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGAIN!!!! You and Gabe are living the life.

  7. jholtz says:

    Why do all the carvings look like they’re from Bali?

    • gabe says:

      very observant jarod. my uncle brought in furniture and statues and doors from bali to make his place look so good. but i promise we are in costa rica and we do miss you..

  8. jholtz says:

    Is that Haley finally braving the G??

  9. cbugaroo says:

    holy cow! p1080140–that’s a lot of people!

    • gabe says:

      the crazy part is that this day is about 1/2 of the people on the really busy days… the beaches in rio are nuts. everybody’s out to get as tan as possible, drinking coco’s renting red umbrellas and chairs, eating bbq cheese and globos and many other things.. very different than any other beach i’ve seen.

  10. Malin Palsson says:

    Is that Haley in a G-String in Photo p1080792 in Brazil! THAT’S A GREAT ASS!

  11. guapalo says:

    wow – congrats on doing patagonia – pics are awesome

  12. kenitosuze says:

    Hi, Guys! I just howled with laughter at your most recent BKK blog, almost spilt my coffee! Haley, LOVE the number format, hysterical, and with the videos we feel almost like we’re there… without the heat. Love you both so much and through our jealousy, so happy you are doing this! Can’t think of anyone who could enjoy each moment as much as you!!

  13. chris says:

    Favorite photo by far: epic river barrel!! …but I didn’t see Photo p1080792 in Brazil…

  14. bobcohn366 says:

    love it all, bananas are the only food i recognize in vietnam

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